Daniel Hillinger


Daniel HillingerMy name is Daniel Hillinger and I’m working as Oracle DBA since 2013 within an international team. I’m focused on High Availability solutions like RAC with Grid Infrastructure, Dataguard and Exadata. You can find my scripts on Github in the project oracle_sripts. Feel free to use it 🙂 and in addition I have an own blog dedicated to Oracle topics: daniel8192.wordpress.com.

My presentations:

DOAG conference and exhibition:Doag- I'm a speaker

2014 Hugepages, NUMA or nothing on Linux?
2015 Comparison of ACFS and DBFS
2017 Battle: DB-Virtualisierung
          Cloud Control hochverfügbar von Kopf bis Fuß

My Contact details:

mail: daniel.8192@gmx.de
twitter : daniel8192
xing: daniel hillinger
linkedin: daniel-hillinger
github: daniel8192


Or contact me directly here: