Daniel Schwartz

“Passioned for finding and resolving issues before customers even know they have one!”


I am a 25 year old Site Reliability Engineer, currently employed at an infrastructure provider to financial clients.
My daily goal is to keep all services up and running and perform proactive performance analysis & troubleshooting in a large distributed environment.
Together with application developers and system admins I am implementing new strategies for a well performing service.




References / Portfolio

  • Speaker at Splunk>live! Event in Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna in 2015
  • Splunk App “PCAP Analyzer for Splunk” – Check out following page!


Want to know more about me?

Email/ Hangouts =  1daniel.schwartz1@gmail.com

Google+ = DanielSchwartzJY

Linkedin = danielschwartz1

Xing = Daniel_Schwartz10

Twitter = d_schwartz1

Github = DanielSchwartz1


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