Extract ESXi’s HBA Firmware and Driver information with vRealize Orchestrator


Hi there,

this is a start of an automation series with “VMware vRealize Orchestrator”. Sometimes it is necessary to extract data of a huge number of ESXi Hosts in short time. There are multiple ways to-do so, depending on the environment and type of data, some ways are more effective than others. Next to “VMware’s PowerCLI” a great alternative is the vRO.  The automation software offers workflow development, API interaction, scheduled executions of workflows and much more!

The first part of this series demonstrates how to create a workflow that is able to extract driver and firmware related information from ESXi HBAs. Once the data is collected it will be sent as an attachment via email to a distribution list. The main workflow consists out of four helper workflows that can be also used for different projects. (Enable SSH, Disable SSH, Send E-Mails)